An offer for holiday home owners

The fact that you are reading this, means that you have probably received an offer from us. Here we would like to tell you a bit more about the great opportunity of entering the Polish holidaymaker's market .

First of all you should know that Polish holidaymakers are much like other holidaymakers from Western Europe. They have the same needs and they earn almost the same money. Polish holidaymakers CAN afford to travel and they enjoy it. Exotic destinations are getting more and more popular. You have to understand that this is a huge market that we are talking about. Poland's population is estimated to be 38-39 million and this is just the Poles who are living in Poland. Another 20 million live outside their home country. Most of them speak English but they still prefer to use Polish websites!

Another good reason to put your advert on is the fact that renting a holiday home directly from the owner or from the management company is the fastest growing market in the tourism industry in Poland. Poles are bored of organized holidays and last year alone 731 travel agencies closed down. That's 20% of all travel agencies in Poland! Why did this happen? It happened because more and more Polish holidaymakers decided to plan their own holidays. The statistics show that last year 15% more holidaymakers took their holidays abroad, despite the lower number of travel agencies.

DIY (Do It Yourself) holidays, which are so extremely popular in Great Britain and in Western Europe, are starting to win the tourism market in Poland too. In fact, this is, as we said before, the fastest growing branch of the tourism industry in Poland! We are giving you the opportunity to enter this market in its early phase. You really could capitalise on being the first holiday home owner's to tap into this new market! If you really want to increase the occupancy rate of your holiday home, all you have to do is say "YES" and we will prepare your advert for you for a small fee .There are absolutely no risks to take and no hassle as we do it all for you.

Our Special Offer for English Speaking Holiday Home Owner's means that all you pay is £26 (or 34 euros) for the Translation and Preparation Service and your first year of listing is ABSOLUTELY FREE! We will translate your current advertisement including all the property descriptions, details of the region, the surrounding area etc. and you only pay the fee once you have seen the preview of your advert on our site. Remembering that the first year is absolutely FREE, if you then decide to renew with us after the first year (and there is no obligation to do so) you simply pay the following year's subscription of just £29 (34 euros).

Are you ready to grab this opportunity? Answer "Yes" and follow these simple steps:

1. Send us an e-mail to with the details of your property. The easiest way is to send us the link to the advertisement you already have on your own website or the advertisement you have on,,, etc. We can then use the format you already have and translate it into Polish.

2. Give us your preferred login name so that we can generate an account for you on our website.

3. When we have set up your advertisement we will send you the access details to your account so that you may review your advertisement.

4. Once you have confirmed that you are happy with the contents we will forward to you our account details for payment of the Translation and Preparation Service fee of 34 Euros. You may pay this by PayPal, bank tranfer or credit card.

5. When your payment has cleared we will activate your advertisement which will then become visible to another 40 million holidaymakers! For FREE for the first year!

Please note that the advert management section has an English version, which means that after the advert has been prepared for you and once we have received your payment for the translation and preparation service, you will be able to add/change photos, update availability, prices, add/remove internal and external facilities and much more.

Finally here are some statistics of our website for year 2011:
- an average of 125,000 new visitors per month,
- the visitors generated more than 12 MILLION pageviews,
- more than 70% of the traffic came from Polish Google, because we are in the top3 for most of the phrases connected with holiday rentals, vacations, apartments, villas and accommodation in countries/regions/cities such as: Spain, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Montenegro, France, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Cyprus, England, Scotland, Tuscany, Dalmatia, Istria, Rome, Costa Blanca, Barcelona, Trogir, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Sunny Beach, Zell am See and more,
- statistically, a visitor spends, on average, a little more than 12 minutes on our website,
- our users sent more than 20.000 e-mail booking enquires (in 2011 we had a little over 1,100 adverts, which gives an average of 18 booking enquiries per advert plus the telephone enquiries which we estimate to be at least another 15,000-20,000).

We hope you have received sufficient information here to make a  positive decision and start advertising with us, but should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Below you will find the contact details of our sales and marketing department:

e-mail: biuro[at] (replace [at] with @)

telephone: +48 (71) 725 87 19
cell: +48 697 822 561

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For the advertisers

Advertise your holiday home with us

If you offer accommodation and have holiday apartment or villa for rent in any country inside or outside Europe, you can advertise it on our website.

We offer translation service into Polish language, so your advertisement will be published in both, English and Polish, on two separate websites.

The price for publishing an advert on our website is just 34EUR per annum, so do not hesitate and start advertising your holiday home reaching hundreds of thousand new potential renters.




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